In Austria you are required by law to register and purchase a licence for all broadcasting reception equipment.

What is broadcasting reception equipment?

Broadcasting reception equipment (TV, radio etc.) are all technical appliances which are designed to directly receive broadcasts. The type of equipment is therefore not the issue at hand, the decisive factor is that this equipment can receive TV and radio broadcasts.

Compulsory registration

In accordance with the RGG (TV and Radio Licence Law, 1, Nr. 159/1999) all broadcasting reception equipment in use or operational at a given location must be registered. The location of the equipment is taken to be places of residence or any other premises with a uniform purpose of use. If broadcasting reception equipment housed at a location is operational all details required for the calculation of the licence fee must be given.

Any changes, such as in the location of the broadcasting reception equipment (for example, following a change of address) or of the name of liable persons (for example, by way of marriage) must also be registered. You can let us know about these changes simply by calling us, or by sending us an e-mail or using the online forms.

Compulsory Licence Fee

Even if you have several radio and/or television sets in your home you are only required to pay once. For the reception of television and radio broadcasts in private residences for personal use, only one licence fee has to be paid regardless of the number of sets. If you have a TV or radio in your weekend residence, however, you have to pay twice. You have to buy a second licence for any operational televisions and radios in an additional place of residence (such as a holiday home). As far as the use of broadcasting reception equipment in other premises is concerned (for example, in private companies, institutions, other places of work etc.): one licence is required for up to ten television and/or radio sets at any one location. If there are more than ten operational televisions and/or radios at any one location a further licence has to be purchased for every additional ten sets.

General Information

The payment of cable, satellite, pay TV, copyright or other fees does not exempt you from the TV and radio licence fee. Payment of a licence fee is not required for broadcasts received outside buildings (such as via car radio). People who are physically handicapped or are on a low income can apply for exemption from the licence fee on the condition that they have already registered the TV and radio sets.


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